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Saint malo , FR

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Nathalie was a fine, but not very appreciable guest . I haven't met her in person. Her reservation was a kind of emergency, because I received twenty emails from her the day before she actually arrived. At the time I have had only one location "Top Manhattan 3" available. It was a miracle my lady who lives there accepted her reservation. Usually I don't take reservations from today to tomorrow. We need a little time to be prepared. I am saying that, because I am a host with multiple locations and I don't live at the place. So I have to make sure my hosts are available. So, Natalie was a very stressed and complained about the size of the room, the prices. It is simply ridiculous to compare the prices in New York with France or any other place on the world. Yes, New York is very expensive city. I am on the market and I know the prices. We New Yorkers are simple and very polite people and do homestay for living and extra support, because many people can't afford living in New York without subletting. I wish you all good luck with your future stay !

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Petya is a highly stressed woman who didn't know the day it was when I asked her! She only wants your money, doesn't care about you and your well being! She gave me the wrong apartment number! It was a miracle I could get in and go to the apartment that evening! I had to call her to find out!!and borrow someone's phone in the building since my phone didn't work in the US... paranoia reigns in the place! You cant say tobte neighborghs that you stay here!(?) privacy as there his no actual door to lock the room but a folded wood panel... no room for your food in the fridge and Matilda wants to know your lie and schedule! No privacy! Her daughter was there and her son.. I felt like I was intruding being there so I was staying out most of the window in the room, Bed was hard on my back. Matilda cooked for me sometimes and was offended if I didn't eat. Petya is a greedy middle woman who takes advantage of the situation to make money and doesn't take care of the people. Typical New Yorker!



trés sympa



Nathalie est une nomade dans l'âme est partage volontiers ses expériences d'escapades dans le sourire et la bonne humeur!



Nathalie is a very good guest she pleasant, clean respectful and easy to please!



Adorable, pleine de vie, je vous recommande Nathalie!